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5 Essential Adobe Brackets Plugins

Having spent several years writing code in Sublime Text and then Atom Editor (and Coda before that), I recently switched my text editor – again… enter Adobe Brackets. Brackets is a community-guided, open source editor that was founded by Adobe. It’s free and, due to it’s open source nature, is very extensible. Read Article

Vertical alignment

Today we’re going to look at two ways that you can vertically align elements inside their parent container. Read Article

A Quick Look at Closure in JavaScript

If you write any amount of JavaScript, then you’ll no doubt already be using closure in your code; perhaps without even realising it…

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A Quick Look at IIFEs in JavaScript

IIFEs or ‘Immediately-Invoked Function Expressions’ (sometimes called Auto-Executing Functions), sound complicated, but they’re actually pretty straightforward to understand.

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