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What’s trending in type

If you’re a digital, graphic or any other industry designer, one of the most fundamental processes to take into consideration is your font choice.

I see so many sites and design pieces where this was an obvious afterthought. I must confess sometimes it’s easy to use your favourites or familiar fonts, however I think it is our duty to go out and explore!

There seems to be a  lack of good resources for choosing fonts. Notice I said ‘good’? Yes, there are of course hundreds of sites that supply run-of-the-mill fonts in their thousands, designed to fool you into believing they are a ‘good’ resource, but ultimately most provide sampling in “the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”. Which obviously isn’t very useful when it comes to web design – seeing how real type performs on actual websites would be much more helpful.

I’ve also noticed other typography sites tend to be written from a type designers perspective rather than from the perspective of someone who actually uses type in their day-to-day work. So after trawling the net over a few lunch breaks I collated a few sites I go back to and thought I’d share Type Wolf with you, personally I find this site extremely useful when planning projects.

Type wolf is an independent site that features typefaces from all type foundries regardless of where the fonts can be purchased. Check it – www.typewolf.com

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